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Zach for Hobey?


Do you think Zach should be a Hobey Baker finalist?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Zach should be a Hobey Baker finalist?

    • Yes
    • No

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I think that Zach had the numbers to be a finalist. But not to win, I agree with the sentiment that he has better years in him.

Whats more impressive than the Parise's numbers this year is that he did it standing next to Bochenski who had the same number of points. If Boch stick around that combo will only get deadlier. Add Muarry (sp) to the mix and you will have one or maybe more than one Hobey finalists and hopefully a winner!

The Hobey hasn't stopped in Grand Forks since the Hrkac Circus. I think our time may come again in the next year or 2, but not yet. :huh:

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Finalist, sure... Top 3, probably not WIN it, no.

He's had a great yea, carried the Sioux at times but I don't think any Freshman should win it. I think a player should show dedication to himself and his team. Giving it to Freshman would make it too easy to leave after only 1 year.

Also, his numbers did slide a little in the 2nd half, so have him back next year and hopefully he'll produce as much as this year and win it in 2004.

Good luck either way. I think Peter Sejna may have it, admitting I'm not real familiar with the East candidates.

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Top ten finalist: Sure! He not only can score but he's probably the best defensive forward on the team.

There are a lot of guys that deserve to be finalists like Joseph, Stevenson, Clarke, and even Vanek. Parise deserves to be a top 10 finalists.

As I mentionedi in a USCO thread I think people should be questioning whether players like Higgins, Umberger, and Tallari should be finalist before they do Parise.

Parise deserves to be there but is not the best player in college right now. That's Sejna.

Ps. The talk about a freshman doesn't deserve to win it is crap. If a freshman is the best player in college hockey he deserves the Hobey. Just ask Paul Kariya.

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