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Anyone going to see Sid tonight?


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Wife and I also went, as we share season tix with others but secured this game for us to see The Next One. Wow. That top line is good. Malkin and Crosby are the sweet deal for sure. It's as if they are three plays ahead of real time.

The Wild certainly have their injury issues with key players. I believe Johnsson was hurt midway through the 2nd. Not good.

After the 4th goal some dude was cheering extra loud, but respectfully, for his Penguins and I noticed a Wild-ette turn around angrily and tell him to "go back to Pittsburg!" I wondered if she had season tickets to the Gophers as well?


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Was at the game tonite thanks to my buddy who scored tickets. After a pregame meal of BBQ ribs at Rooster's we headed down to the X.

It was a fun game. Crosby et al were all they were billed to be.

One perception I had is that there was less hitting in this game than in a Sioux hockey game. I watch a few games on TV here and there, and have only seen 1 live game since the rules change. Have they removed the hitting? There were only a couple of good hits. I think in college 2 physical teams would hit that much in 1 period.

I'd like to see the pros play on Olympic ice.

i think the hitting had more to do with both teams. the eastern conference isn't as physical as the west and the Wild are a softer team. imo

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Really the wild were missing their 3 best players, Gaborik, Dimitra, and Backstrom. Harding is no Backstrom and let in 2 soft goals. Just the fact that the wild were able to play with them shows how deep they are. Martin Skoula however really sucked the whole game. He decided he didn't need to skate with Crosby and the next thing you know Crosby is scoring on a breakaway.

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