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Frozen Four vs. Stanley Cup


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So funny because it's so true, from ESPN.com:

NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament vs. NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Frozen Four tournament has fresh-faced kids playing a game they love for the love of the game. It has rabid, knowledgeable fans who eat, sleep, live and die in skates. It has genuine amateur spirit, small-town flavor, and beneath-the-radar charm. It also has about three different champions in the past 54 years, and the people who care about it are the people who've always cared, and who form little clubs of caring, and who procreate precisely so their children will carry on the tradition of caring. It is these people, all of whom live within something like 125 miles of each other, who give a damn, who give their hearts and souls. It is these people ... and absolutely no one else. Winner: Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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I know that the column is supposed to be funny and tongue-in-cheek, but, except for this part...

It also has about three different champions in the past 54 years...

...I think that what the author says -- while exaggerated -- is mostly true.

If he would have said that in the last 54 years, college has had about three different champions recognized by the mainstream sports media, then he'd be much closer to the truth.

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It's sort of true, but I'd like to point out that many of the small schools who have never won, or at least, haven't won in quite a few years, like the SCSUs, the UMDs, the UAAs, just to name a few in the WCHA, but not forgetting the many others in the other conferences also care; not necessarily just those from teams like UND, Michigan, BC, Minnesota, ect...who have been winning. Those fans always care...even when their teams suck, much like we always care, even when our team sucks.

When it comes to the Stanley Cup, more people jump onto bandwagons than will ever jump on a college hockey team's bandwagon. I can't tell you the number fans Florida had back in 1996...now days, even the people I know who were ardent Panthers fans, are remiss to admit it. That is something you find very rarely in College Hockey. Not to say that it doesn't exist, because that would be silly...it's just not as prevelant or visible.

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