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Cornell Vs. MSU Minnesota Vs. Mercyhurst


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Nope, I think it is the right move. This is a national tournament. You shouldn't play conference teams until there is no one else left to play. You don't see Duke and Maryland or Oklahoma and Kansas playing in the Sweet 16. Having conference opponents play in the first round should be saved for Division II. There the cost savings can possibly be rationalized. They should have also split up all four Hockey East schools, but that didn't happen.

Hopefully for next season, they will change the RPI back to the split is had last season and also make teams a TUC based on record rather than RPI. That second change was a huge benefit to Hockey East, a large part of why all their teams are highly seeded.

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I think it was the wrong move, but the committee had no choice. They should have been given the flexibility to move a team a few spots from their final PWR ranking, even if it meant moving them from a 3 seed to a 4. In this case, OSU or Harvard could have been flipped with SCSU or MSUM. It would have meant playing a team that was a few PWR spots different from the ideal matchup, but nothing as bad as Cornell getting #14 instead of #28.

The biggest winner is MN. Next is Cornell's second-round opponent, which gets a wearier Cornell team than if they had received the "bye."

The loser is Cornell, which gets the #3 team in the WCHA instead of a "bye." Also suffering is the winner of the Ferris/UND game, which will have to play a rested MN team instead of one that endured the pounding of a Division 1 game the night before.


This post isn't just a whine. We can speak the truth without it being a considered a whine.

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