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Isn't Danny Freund a junior? :)

I would think so. I believe this has something to do with the 10-semester rule which often results in a dII player being around for six years, e.g. Jeff Glas, even though he never really had an injury that would have given him a medical red-shirt. However, I believe it's a different rule in dI, so Freund probably won't have eligibility beyond the 2008 season. I'm sure somebody has a better grasp of this situation than I do, but I believe that UND's move to division I could result in some players--such as Freund in football and Daniel Harkins in basketball--getting one fewer year of eligibility than what they would have had if UND were staying dII.

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I noticed 2 Offensive linemen, Dylan Glaser and Andrew Urbaniak where not on this years roster. Last years roster listed them as either redshirts or freshmen. Anyone know what happened to them?

not sure on urbaniak, but glaser forgot that you have to go to class, heard he gained a bunch of weight and basically flunked outta school, can someone confirm?

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Regarding the UNO game, the Sioux defensive front had better be able to stop the power running and option game better than last year. UNO's QB Zach Miller is the pre-season All-American QB according to Street & Smith and 4/5 of their offensive line returns as well, including last year's NCC lineman of the year Ben Hochstein. There were times in both games last year where the Sioux defense just looked plain soft against the run.

On the flip side, UNO's pass defense looked just plain inept in both pass rush and coverage. With all those great receivers, UND presents a big problem for UNO again. I'm assuming the Sioux will find QB who can get them the ball with plenty of time behind that experienced offensive line.

Looks to be 2 high powered offenses again with strengths that play into the other team's defensive weakness. Whichever team's defense improves the most will determine the winner. UNO has a little more experience returning on the defensive side of the ball. UNO is probably the one team who holds their own in the Alerus Center. However, because UNO runs Miller so much, he is likely going to be injured at some point later in the season. Looks to be a toss up as usual. Another 1 punt (or point) game perhaps??

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