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Hakstol on the radio


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Because I assume there will be no Fighting Sioux Coaches' Show this week, I took notes during Dave Hakstol's time on the radio this morning with Tim Hennessy and Scott Swygman.

(Bumper music is "Who Do You Love?" by George Thorogood)

TH: We're talking to Dave Hakstol whose hockey team is headed to the Frozen Four this week. Good morning, Hak.

DH: Good morning.

SS: I think the Sioux hockey team should make an impression by arriving in St. Louis on dog sleds. Be the Force of the North.

DH: I don't want to do that, but we

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BC = MSUM ??

Yikes .. I hope that doesn't mean Haks' looking past BC ... or he's got alot more respect for 'Kato than I thought! :D

He's saying that every team the Sioux have had to prepare for in the playoffs was a good team, and BC is no different in that respect.

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when kota ties it after being down by 4 you need to respect everyone if your on the opposing bench

True ... I forgot what middle of the pack in the WCHA means compared to the rest of College Hockey .. :D

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