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Anyone notice yesterday's calendar?

The Sicatoka

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Best line overheard leaving the arena Sunday regarding the Fighting Sioux and the new REA:

It's not "where they play" now; now it's "home."

And it happened on March 16, 2003, or 3/16 .... /03, if you will.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to

Ralph 3:16 -- For he loved them so much that he gave onto them the crown jewel of hockey arenas to be their new home.

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ScottM's prayer on the Sunday night game thread is awesome -- he made it up spur of the moment (and the best part -- it got answered)! Congregating on the site was definitely a fun time last night... I remember seeing the "number of views" pass the 10,000 mark, knowing the whole time that it was probably due to most of us on the site constantly hitting "refresh" so that we could get the news from UND95 (who was watching on TV so was ahead of everyone by a few minutes) that there had been a Sioux SCCCCOOOOORRREEEEE!!!! He did not disappoint!

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