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Can somebody explain to me the logic behind the four year transition period that does not allow teams to play for NCAA national championships when moving from Division II to Division I?

I could understand it if you are moving down divisions, but it seems to me if you are moving into "deeper waters" and meet all the individual criteria for making the playoffs such as a high enough number of like division wins, high enough ranking, etc. you should be able to play for the championship.

As much as I love to hate NDSU, it kind of bugs me that their football team will be on the outside looking in come playoff time when they are arguably one of the top 2-3 1AA teams in the country. I fear that UND will be in the same exact boat in a couple of years.

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(WYO, I hope you understand this isn't aimed at you, you just set it up.)

The "academics" argument is crap once I point to some of the DI "student"-athletes that can't read their (alleged) high school or college diplomas. Who was that all-pro defensive lineman for the Washington Redskins that admitted he couldn't even read? There's a case study.

The (dare I say predatory?) transition period was instituted to stem the tide of schools moving up a level to get an (unearned) share of BB TV money. Yeah, it's about money when it comes to the NCAA. Shocking, eh?

NDSU is getting hosed by it; and, if they would win Saturday, SDSU would probably be also.

But, it's what the contract (NCAA Manual) says and that's what we have to live by.

If you want it changed, get it voted on by the membership.

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I agree that it is BS. And, in a way NDSU is getting hosed, but then again we knew the rules when we moved up......and I think most of us have enjoyed the hell out of this season anyway. It just goes to show that you can have a lot of fun even in "Transition Purgatory". Plus, the quality of teams coming to NDSU has really helped increase average attendance despite the lack of playoffs.

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