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SIOUX vs QUINNIPIAC Saturday Game Thread


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1 hour til puck drops

radio and webcast feeds


Sioux go for the sweep..........

5-2 Sioux



HAK says................last night was entertaining..........do better on the penalty kill, was good last night but just want to clean it up a little.........starts with aggresiveness and intensity, very similar to brad berry's pk style that dane jackson uses..........to see miller, martens and zajac was nice to get good start with goals......be a team that attacks with speed..make 2,3 or 4 short 10-15 feet passes thats what we want, support the puck................good game last night..........i think they are solid team, very smart that can make plays......we need to be better off the start

PHIL in net


zach jones out, foyt in, jones banged up....forney and bishop in lineup!!

miller and vandevelde out

From Brad's Blog


UND's line chart

Ryan Duncan-Jonathan Toews-T.J. Oshie

Chris Porter-Matt Watkins-Andrew Kozek

Erik Fabian-Rylan Kaip-Darcy Zajac

Hunter Bishop-Ryan Martens-Michael Forney

Taylor Chorney-Brian Lee

Kyle Radke-Robbie Bina

Scott Foyt-Chay Genoway

Philippe Lamoureux

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Top Posters In This Topic

Webcast is up and running. You might want to find something to do once you get it up. Approximately 45 minutes of the same thing as yesterday prior to the game!!

Go Sioux!!

nice, the radio pregame will start in 15 minutes. its nice to listen to then tune into the webcast at game time.

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What is being used for the audio feed?

I've accessed it through the UND site but I'm not getting any audio (although it shows I'm getting a feed on my WMP)

Any one else having similar problems?

Thanks for any help.

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