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One to many on the ice?


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Is the WCHA doing what the CCHA did last year with two officials and two linesmen system?

I think the only thing missing was a seeing eye dog on the ice. ???

Does anyone believe to many on ice officials can get in the way?

Will this help or hurt? Panel what say you??

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I liked the old 2 referee and one linesman system much better than the one we have now.

I imagine that the four official system will be ok. Certainly the NHL seems happy with it.

One thing I hope they work out is coverage on a break. The most exciting plays(and best scoring chances) occur on a break.

But the referee can't make it from the far red line in order to make the play. Case in point would be Derek Sheppard call of no goal for Oshies rush against the Gophers last year. He made the call from the blue line.

Some of the far linesmen pick up the rush but some don't. I've thought that was a failing of the officiating system.

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Goon- No doubt. Can you imagine the type of inconsistency that would ensue? It's bad enough when a linesman calls a penalty on a player that the ref watched and decided not to call. Now you'll have arms flying up everywhere.

Whistler- The NHL system works because if the ref can't hack it, they aren't afraid to can his arse. The NHL front office requires the best refs the US and Canada (and to a certain extent, the world) have to offer. You couldn't get away with half the crap the WCHA refs get away with in the NHL. That's why I'm in favor of firing Greg Shepherd and hiring a former NHL ref to administer. Maybe the WCHA can swipe some of the NHL type accountability practices for its officials and the head official can put forth the goal of the WCHA to become as close to the NHL officiating-wise as possible (in both penalty calling and professionalism among officials).

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I have to agree with you that firing Greg Sheppard would be the best move.

I don't know how he does it but he seems to bring the worst out of his officials. If I had a guess I'd think he was micromanaging his games.

I used to know someone who was a minor official. If Sheppard was at the game I was usually able to tell by the officiating. I'd confirm that with the minor official. Of course he usually shows up to high profile games so that's also a tip off.

I think it was in the 80's (After Dewey Marcus) that the WCHA hired a former NHL lineman to run the officiating. I never heard why but it only lasted a short time.

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