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Away game ticket purchases: Note, tickets for the Minnesota series went on-sale today. Standing room only.

Oct 13/Oct 14 at Wisconsin

On-Sale 09/25 http://www.uwbadgers.com/tickets/

Oct 27/Oct 28 at MSU-Mankato

On-Sale 10/02 http://www.ticketmaster.com

Nov 17/Nov 18 at Alaska Anchorage

On-Sale 10/02 http://www.ticketmaster.com

Dec 29/Dec 30 at Dartmouth Tournament

(603) 646-2466

Jan 5/Jan 6 at Colorado College

On-Sale NOW http://ticketswest.rdln.com/Artist.aspx?evt=50136

Jan 19 at Bemidji State

(218) 755-3993

Jan 26/Jan 27 at Minnesota

On-Sale NOW http://www.gophersports.com

Feb 23/Feb 24 at Denver

On-Sale NOW http://www.ticketmaster.com

Mar 2/Mar 3 at St Cloud St

On-Sale NOW http://www.ticketmaster.com

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How are games at Bemidji State? Is there generally a good turnout of Sioux fans that show up? I'd like to travel to some away games and Bemidji would be the easiest trip.


Nevermind, I found my answer here -


packed to the brim. a lot of sioux fans but its so small. fun though

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