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Some friends and I (roughly ten total) will be heading up to Grand Forks on the morning of Sat Nov 5th. We'll be in town to watch my Huskies take on the Sioux. Assuming we get there by 3pm, planning on leaving around noon on Sunday, what should we do while we're there? Give me the complete itinerary.

Anything a must stop on the way from the Twin Cities?

Where do we stay (check-in)?

Where do we eat/drink? (Some of us are certified beer geeks)

What's a must-see?

What sould we avoid?

Where to after the game?

Give me a timeline of how the perfect roadtrip plays out and feel free to add editors comments on what we can expect. (ie 9:45 - TEO passes out in the car on the way to the bar and his friends dump him off at the hotel. Anonymous video later appears on Youtube featuring TEO in a compromising position)



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Make sure you take in a hockey game while you are here! ;):love:

With all of the close parking being for those with passes, I'd take a shuttle bus to the game. There are a few bars in town that have them. Rumors, Southgate, Whitey's. Does anyone know how they are going to run the the buses that used to come from the Memorial Stadium parking lot?

Suite 49, right next door to the Ralph has parking for $10, but then you get a $10 coupon for their place. Go in early, park, have some beers and munchies, and then walk to the game. Or, have your friends drag you there. :D

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