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1st Tackle on Saturday


Which Sioux Player will make the first tackle vs. St Cloud State  

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  1. 1. Which Sioux Player will make the first tackle vs. St Cloud State

    • Ryan Manke
    • Tyler Dahlen
    • Digger Anderson
    • Jeff Glas
    • Tony Hermes
    • Jake Nordick
    • Josh Bransted
    • Dan Ullsperger
    • Brent Halfmann

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Cut Belmore some slack. SCSU was a good team and Belmore is still trying to find his rythm. It would be hard playing well knowing there's not alot of people beleiving you can do the job.


I wasn't bad-mouthing him, in fact in a different post I said that he played well up until the 4th quarter.

If you look at the list of players to choose from in the poll, they are all either special teams or defensive players. But since there was an interception, the first tackle was from an offensive player (not on the list).

Actually, it kind of reminds me of 2002 when Bowenkamp had to fill in for an injured Klosterman and took a while for things to click.

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