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Grand Forks, Vital and Open


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It was rather surprising to see Grand Forks written up in the Travel Section of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Grand Forks, vital and open

.What to know - Grand Forks

The Manitoban author places much emphasis on the flood and the "resulting renaissance." I think Grand Forks residents really are unaware of just how well the community and its recovery is viewed from afar. From the perspective of Mobile, Alabama, where I currently live, there is much to be learned from Grand Forks' flood aftermath.

As a side note: Mobile is doing surprising well. I know of no one from Mobile whose housing suffered signficant damage. Best of all, utilities are available in most of the city, some grocery stores are open, and gasoline is freely available. The same can not be said for much of Baldwin County (county east of Mobile Bay) or the Pensacola, Florida, area, which bore the brunt of the Ivan's most distructive winds. Please keep the people in these areas in your prayers.

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I have been on this board as a guest for about the past year and am not really sure how to do posting, but thought that I would give this a try.

I live in Pensacola about a mile from the Gulf Power plant, which received huge damage. Although my house did not sustain any damage, most people that I know did. One of the guys that I work that lives in Pace lost his roof another that lives in the Garcon Point area lost his house to the storm surge.

The daily effort to locate gasoline and get around town isn't fun. My parents live in GF and I know what they went through with the flood. When I talked to them over the weekend they said that the conditions were similar, but with all of the damage to the infrastructure I would say that hurricanes are far worse.

I evacauted Pensacola last Tuesday and headed up to LaGrange GA. It took about 7.5 hours for a trip that usually takes 4 hours. Most people that I know that "rode out the storm" said that they would never do it again.

Since we do not have any electricity, my wife and two girls are staying in Louisiana for the time being. Can't wait for life to get back to somewhat of a norm.

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