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DI hockey to pick up NHL slack?


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So with all the marble and leather seats and fancy electronic score board, etc., really the only think that keeps the REA from being the best arena in the world is its capacity?

I have been in the REA once and it was very nice, but I think the Xcel is probably a slight better arena.

The XCel Energy Center is a great arena, but it isn't a COLLEGE arena. XCel is only used for playoffs and perhaps a Frozen Four somewhere down the line.

As far as college arenas are concerned there are really only a few that can compete with the REA: UNO's new arena, BU's new arena (when it is built I'm sure it will be nice), UW's Kohl Center, and maybe CC's arena. I think that is it. Last season Mariucci showed its age (ice coils starting to burn out) but it is still an ok arena.

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To be honest with you I hope that it does happen. ESPN showing more college hockey it better than no hockey at all. Some may agree with that comment or disagree with it either way I hope it does happen.

It's like the NCAA decree on the penalty calling: I'll wait and see before I sing any praises for ESPN.

ESPN is deeply dedicated to basketball and the drive to bring forth new "sports" onto the air (like Poker and street ball). ESPN and college hockey is not going to happen unless BC plays Maine 10 times a season and the other 20 games are between BU and UNH or Harvard. There could be an occasional Michigan game in there... maybe Michigan versus Michigan State.

In other words: Don't hold your breath for college hockey on ESPN. Stay tuned because there is new All Stars of Poker faceoffs in 12 hours 26 minutes and 46 seconds. :D

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Good point Redwing77. What was I thinking? Well anyway i'm alright & after a couple of hurricans i'm still standing. I would like to thank everybody on this board for their concern. As for ESPN covering college? Like you said Redwing77 don't hold your breath.


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The main reason I'm posting here is this now the only board I post on. I was banned from bisonville.

Banned from Bisonville? Sounds like the name of an HBO or Showtime series. :D

So what'd you do?

Did you not drink all of your Bisonville "yellow" kool-aid and start to think independently so they had to excommunicate you? You should know better than to disagree with 'the party line' over there, even if your handle is "bisonfan".

PS - Most people make the mistake of saying "marble" instead of "granite".

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