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It was really hard to make any judgments in a format like this scrimmage was since everybody (even the red-shirts) played so there wasn't any continuity. I thought Strouth again showed some real speed and quickness. Roland really looks like he's put on some weight (not sure whether that will be a positive or negative) and left the scrimmage with an apparent hamstring problem. Glas hit a 50 yard field goal that looked like it would have been good from at least 60. Halfmann punted very well.

The biggest negative from my perspective were the injuries--both those that occurred in the scrimmage and those that apparently had already happened. Ross Brennan, Jeff Richter and Demetrious Charles, among others, didn't play, and in addition to Roland, Andy Hendrickson suffered what looked like might be a serious knee or lower leg injury. A few true freshmen, including Weston Dressler and Jake Caufield, were also banged up in the scrimmage. I'm a little concerned about depth at running back early in the season if neither Roland nor Charles are available. That leaves Strouth and Beatty and the true freshmen. Obviously Strouth is not the type of back you want to give 20-plus carries to due to his size, and Beatty just hasn't ever shown the ability to be a play-maker since the Mesa St. game two years ago. Hopefully Roland's hamstring problem isn't serious.

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Can anyone fill me in on how the young sioux football players looked? (if they actually played) I am just curious to see how the new recruits look. (Freund, Drew Thomas, Brandon Jordan, and any others that saw some PT in the scrimmage or if someone has watched them practice)

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