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 Hey all, I'm going to let nerd self fly here.  If you know me personally, I absolutely love to read, and my favorite author is Steve Alten. With his Meg series being my absolute favorite.  He's starting to write his final book in the Meg series, and for his fans, he's giving us the opportunity to be a major character in the final book.  How he's doing it is by using your YouTube channel to promote his newest release book,  Undisclosed. Whoever gets the most views gets to be the major character.  If some,  hopefully all,  would visit my YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmkcvytfWhY&feature=share and watch at least a few seconds of the video, I get a view for it.  If you want to be exceptionally generous, watch it for a second or third time for a few seconds.  Any and all help would be appreciated.  Mods, I don't think I'm breaking any rules, but if so, I'll take my scolding. :)

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1 hour ago, Speez said:

Checked it out and was about aliens. Was that the right site? Unfamiliar with the author. 

 Yeah.  I'm not sure about the Undisclosed book, but the Meg novels are pretty good.  Also The Loch is a good read. Forgot to answer the original question, yes, this book is about aliens, UFOs and ulterior energy sources. 

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