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Song that is sung after the start of periods


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So this weekend at the hockey there was a song that the sung at the start of the period by the students.  I was told that it was something sung in the early 2000s to the tune of clementine. I also know that when the women's basketball team won their national championship one of their coaches sang it.  Does anyone know what this is???

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North Dakota, North Dakota, North Dakota  Fighting Sioux

Raise your glass and kick some a$$

We're North Dakota Fighting Sioux

Raise your glasses, kick some a$$es...

First verse first was....

eff the (insert team we played that weekend), eff the (team), eff the (team), in the a$$. 

Raise your glasses, kick some a$$es, eff the (team) in the a$$. 

That's how I remember it.

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