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Why the "only 59 teams" argument is weak.


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Over the past week or so I've seen a few debates around the value of a hockey championship compared to other accomplishments in college athletics.

One argument the anti-hockey crowd (NDSU trolls *clears throat*) is that there are only 59 teams in d1 college hockey so winning it all isn't a big deal.

I'm going to discredit this with one simple point: there are 32 or less teams in every major professional team sport in the country. Therefore, by stating a college hockey NC is meaningless using the "only 59 teams" logic, it is implied that every professional championship is even more meaningless.

If one believes this to be true then one is living under a rock; how many zeroes come after the first comma in the Super Bowl profit value? Only 32 teams. How could it possibly matter?

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