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Bracketology Week of Oct 7th


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So someone refresh my memory is home field based on bids or seed? Not that I'm worried about NORTH DAKOTA being in the playoffs...just for my own education

I'm not 100% sure but I think the seeds get home field as long as they are the higher seed and the first round games are by bid. If two unseeded teams meet in the quarters or semis it goes back to a bid process.

This is how it's been, don't know if they changed it this year or not...

Site Determination.

With regard to first-round, second-round, quarterfinal and semifinalsites, in addition to the criteria listed in Bylaw, the NCAA Division I Football Committee shall consider the following additional criteria when selecting playoff sites:

a. Prospective host institutions must submit the following minimum financial guarantees, which shall be 75 percent of the estimated net receipts as submitted on the proposed budget:

First round—$30,000

Second round—$30,000



b. If the minimum financial guarantees are met, the committee will award the playoff sites to the top five seeded teams.

c. When determining host institutions for playoff games when both teams are unseeded, criteria shall apply as follows: (1) quality of facility, (2) revenue potential plus estimated net receipts, (3) attendance history and potential, (4) team’s performance (e.g., conference place finish, head-to-head results and number of Division I opponents), and (5) student-athlete well-being (e.g., travel, missed class time).

d. If a second-round, quarterfinal or semifinal playoff site is not available due to the fact the institutions involved did not submit a proposed budget, the committee will contact the institutions and offer the opportunity to submit a bid at the current round’s minimum financial guarantee level. If seeded teams are not involved, the committee will determine the host institutions by applying the championship site-selection criteria in Bylaw

e. If no institution is willing to submit a proposed budget at the current level, the previous round’s minimum financial guarantee will be offered. If seeded teams are not involved, the committee will determine the host institutions by applying the championship site selection criteria in Bylaw

f. The committee will consider previous crowd-control measures and crowd behavior of the prospective host institution.

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