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Can't remember, what was Vinny Saponari kicked off the team for a few years ago?

Parker said it was for multiple things, but it sounded like mainly an underage drinking incident and then not reporting for his discipline. His brother Victor was also kicked off and another player suspended. Vinny is playing for Northeastern this year.
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"A few years back, members of the team put out a rap song that's about as listenable as you'd expect a rap song done by a college hockey team to be. It's called "Party Like A Puck Star," and you can hear it above. It opens with the line "I'm on a bitch-bangin' mission" and also includes the lovely phrase "I'll make your pussy numb.""

Really? Did these punks try out for the wrong winter sport or what? :glare:

Songs about sex and drugs....so '70's.

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