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Need some help...my daughter and I went to a local fundraising event/silent auction and we bid on 2 Wild tickets for tomorrow's (Sat.) game and we got them. Problem is the tickets were "advertised" as 9th row. 9th row, but in the upper deck as not section was listed at the auction. If I wanted to sell my 2 tickets in front of the X and then buy better seats in the lower bowl, is there a decent "scalpers" market or those looking for or selling tickets? Thanks in advance.

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There are some reputable scalpers outside, to the extent that they are reputable. You might try an ad on the Twin Cities Craigslist as well.

If dealing with a scalper outside, they should have a City "peddler's license" around their neck. As to see it if in doubt. They generally tow the line as their reputation depends on it.

They are always willing to upgrade you. For a price. These days, it is a bit of a buyer's market as their Wild stink. Even their own coach says so.

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