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Costa Concordia -- worse and worse

The Sicatoka

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The more I read about this the more I shake my head.

First we find out the captain of the ship abandoned while there were still passengers aboard and wouldn't reboard even after the Italian Coast Guard told him to!

Then we find out there's a mystery blonde female (a model) on the bridge at the time of the crash.

And now this:

The captain of the Costa Concordia ordered dinner for himself and a woman after the ship struck rocks off Italy's coast, a cook from the ship told a Filipino television station.

In an interview with GMA Network, cook Rogelio Barista said Capt. Francesco Schettino ordered dinner less than an hour after the accident.


Talk about a "fiddle while Rome is burning" guy.

This is where I look into my portfolio and say, "Whew!" because I don't own any stock in the cruise line or the insurer of it because they're going to be writing some pretty big checks pretty soon I'd venture. ;)

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