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USCollegeHockey rumors: Illinois considering hockey

Big A HG

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Just saw on Twitter today that Jimmy John's founder is considering ponying up to get Illinois some D1 hockey. That would add another Big Ten to the mix. USCollegeHockey was adament about their initial claims of PSU adding hockey back when it was first announced.

I think it'd be awesome if they could, even though it's a B1G school. This whole conference reallignment may be working itself out in a good way afterall.

Penn State coming for sure

Maybe Moorhead State

Maybe Illinois

USCollegeHockey is not claiming that Illinois WILL add hockey, rather that they MAY.


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This one's been going for a couple weeks now. This sounds like a very promising rumor since it is from the staff of their club hockey team. There's also an unconfirmed rumor going around that if Illinois adds D1 hockey that a donor (can't remember his name) will step forward for Indiana as well and get them moved up to D1. There's also a lot of alumni "interested" and supportive of getting hockey at Iowa, but the chances for that one are very, very slim it seems. The B1G could turn out to be good for the sport if things keep going like this...never would have guessed that last year.

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I know Illinois has been rumored in the past, but it was just speculation. Now, there is a potential donor involved and staff within the university are talking about it. It'll be interesting to see where this leads now.

UAH isn't quite dead, but who knows what their future really holds. Penn State makes up for them.

Bowling Green is hanging around, but for how long. We need someone to replace them.

Any sort of net gain is a huge bonus, especially in today's economy.

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