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Would it be possible to allow users to choose which twitter followers to display on the home page twitter feed? It would be nice to be able to filter out some feeds that mostly don't have UND related news, or at least nothing that isn't also posted by at least two other people.

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I know what you're saying...

I've been working on a related big change -- adding a feed that tries to capture almost all the discussion about Sioux athletics (which would be a separate thing from the media/official feed). However, to make it work, it will necessarily try to (intelligently?) pick out the relevant tweets from thousands of people rather than just naively publish all the tweets from a preselected group who tend to tweet a lot about UND sports.

I could simultaneously pare back the current feed so it doesn't include accounts that tend to include a lot of off-topic or personal tweets, leaving sort of a dedicated official/media UND sports tweets feed to accompany the general one.

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