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Held at noon today at Fargo's Kelly Inn and with the Nickel Trophy proudly displayed, the Sioux coaches addresses a packed room of Sioux fans. Because seven coaches and RT spoke during the hour, each coach was only given about five minutes so the following won't be as lengthy as it would typically be.

DB talked about how the team had better success this past weekend than he did deer hunting. He said he told Lucia on Saturday that win or lose, he was shaking his hand on the ice after the game and immediately leaving to go hunting.

Many of you probably noticed DB leaving the through the zamboni entrance after Saturday's game. That was arranged before the game. His son was waiting with a car in the busport, DB jumped in, they drove up the ramp and headed west. He said it was pretty neat to be able to listen to the postgame while going hunting and said that they were on the west side of Larimore before the show ended.

He talked a little about the freshmen and alluded to the minor classroom issues that he discussed at the last Booster meeting (leaving class early, showing up late). He said some of the freshmen had a test yesterday and sat in the backrow and whistled throughout the exam. He said they think they are pretty cool right now because they beat the Gophers, but they likely will change their mind after he gets done with them tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., when he is again going to address classroom issues with them.

He commented about now having to sit in on freshmen classes with over 300 students more often to make sure they behave. DB then asked Lennon rhetorically how he keeps 100 kids on the straight and narrow and then mentioned that thanks to the media many of the fans know that the hockey team has had their share of issues already this season.

He didn't say much about this past weekend, other than to say that he felt the goal Bochenski scored on Friday off his shinpad was "beautiful!" which drew a lot of laughs.

Also he did say that he was relieved UND finally scored a power play goal. He said UND has many positive attributes this year, but that all the media wanted to know before this past weekend was what was the problem with the power play.

DB referenced the UND's #1 ranking and said it is nice, but it didn't do much for them last year and then talked briefly about the matchup this weekend with St. Cloud who is 7-0-1 compared to UND's 6-1 and said it should be a good series.

He brought up someone's comment at the last Booster about the goalie situation and said that he is very pleased with the goaltending thus far and that goaltending is not an issue right now. He said some nice things about Brandt and pointed out his high save percentage. He then said JP only has a 85 save percentage, but that for now, DB didn't care if UND gave up five goals as long as they scored six and that JP was doing well.

He reiterated his frustrations with HIPAA, but said that RT now has worked it out so the coaches can say a player is scratched from the lineup because of injury, but they can't say anymore. He seemed somewhat relieved that he can at least announce the existence of an injury publicly if he wants to and tell parents that their son is injured, which is something they couldn't previously do this season.

Someone immediately asked about James Massen. One-word answer, INJURED!!!

Someone asked about Quinn Fylling and he said that QF was simply too young when he first joined the team in 2000-01 and had a disappointing first season, but said he has really matured and described him as probably UND's best player in two games this season. He said QF's game is not so much based on talent, which he has, rather "desire and determination." He believes QF can be a twenty-goal scorer this season.

Someone asked the following, "What do you feed Prpich?" Anwer: "Raw meat - he is an animal!" With a huge grin, DB then said anybody who gets punched in the teeth and skates away smiling is crazy and has some issues. Clearly he is impressed with MP's style of hockey.

He also said it will be very good for the team to hit the road to Denver (and no, he wasn't not saying it like UND is looking past St. Cloud). He said roadtrips are vital to a building team chemistry. He said that other than practice and games some of the guys never see each other during the season and going on the road allows them to spend time together, hangout and get to know one another off the ice, which is important.

He almost seemed disappointed that UND has only one roadtrip during the first half, but did comment on the fairly good balance of the second-half schedule with 8 homes games and 12 away games.

Finally, someone referenced tomorrow being letter of intent day in the NCAA and asked, without getting into specifics, how many letters he hoped to received. He said four or five.

There you have it.

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Someone asked the following, "What do you feed Prpich?" Anwer: "Raw meat - he is an animal!" With a huge grin, DB then said anybody who gets punched in the teeth and skates away smiling is crazy and has some issues. Clearly he is impressed with MP's style of hockey.

Hilarious! ???

I don't like the freshmen getting cocky so early in the season, though. :silly: Hopefully their attitudes in the classroom don't transfer to the ice.

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Great recap, SDD! Our eyes & ears in Fargo...

* Hope Blais cracks the whip on some of the freshmen--we don't need cockiness now or during any part of the season.

* Can Blais mention type of injury or just that an injury exists?

* Am proud of Fylling--hopefully his enthusiasm for the game rubs off on Massen & some of the other players.

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