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Would you attend more women's hockey games if they allowed checking?  

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  1. 1. Would you attend more women's hockey games if they allowed checking?

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    • NO

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I need to clarify why I voted yes. I don't think the current system makes the game remotely interesting. Why? It's like figure skating with a stick and a puck when you aren't shooting it on goal. Only you have obstacles that move that you'll need to skate around.


I don't think it should be a slug fest and that they should go out a brusin' like their male counterparts, but Body checking? DEFINITELY legal. If there is nothing you can do to the puckhandler aside from trying to swipe at the puck or hope that she loses control of it (and intercept a pass), then there really isn't a point.

Literally, I've watched the puck sit for a few seconds between three ladies on the ice before getting picked up by a UConn player (2 UND and 1 UConn player) because if the UND players would have made a run on the puck they would have, most likely, collided with the UConn player, causing a penalty to be called. WHATEVER.

And, going on media representations of what many NOW ladies are saying: They want fair represenation and to be considered equals with men. Well, right now, men and women's hockey are not equal. There is still the undertone that says "These ladies are fragile little flowers. Physical play is for boys but if you want to skate around with a stick moving a puck, go right ahead." What crap.

Checking is in. Revamp the penalties to reflect it.

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They are fun, but boring.  These girls are not ten years old.  They are mature enough, physically speaking, to be able to handle a check.  If they can't, they probably shouldn't be playing in the first place.

C'mon...give the Eaves' boys a break already. :(;)

Let 'em check, they do it anyways. It's like watching Squirt hockey, only a little faster and the players are bigger. Besides...a catfight might start, and who doesn't love a good catfight? :):D

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