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Disclaimer: This is a summary of the weekly Fighting Sioux Coaches how. It is NOT a verbatim transcript of the show. Comments by the show's hosts and the coaches are paraphrased to the best of the author's ability and are NOT direct quotes. This summary contains selected highlights from the show and is NOT a comprehensive account of all topics covered or discussed.

Live from Lola's Northern Italian Restaurant in beautiful downtown Grand Forks. Tim Hennessy and Scott Swygman are the hosts with UND hockey coach Dean Blais.

TH begins by noting that the number-one ranked team in the country is coming to Grand Forks to play the Sioux this weekend. Blais says he hopes the Red Sox win in the World Series because all the BC players will be distracted.

TH says he talked to David Lundbohm who said he was worried about Zach Parise's knee injury until Zach started winning all the sprints in practice. Blais sounded like he expects Zach to play.

TH says that according to Parise, the Eaves brothers and Voce on BC are unbelievable.

At this point, Matt Jones is an uncertainty. He has a high ankle sprain that's still bothering him, especially skating backwards. Blais noted that David Hoogsteen had a similar injury that bothered him for much of a season.

TH said he was very impressed with Chris Porter and Drew Stafford during the Concordia game. Blais said all the freshmen played well, but Concordia wasn

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