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Sorry, I have to remove any information that could be used to circumvent digital media copyright protections (no matter how trivial such protections may be) even though that was not the intent of the post. The DMCA (digital millenium copyright act) exposes me to tremendous liability on such matters.

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Has dataflix or REA issued any kind of explanation or apology for the botched webcast last night? I know the first one was free, but I already paid for the whole season, and I want the #$^*! thing to work every game!

I'm surprised not to have heard something from them. They are not going to win many new subscriptions this way.

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The archives for the Saturday football game and Sunday women's hockey game are now up, but still no Duluth game archive. Maybe dataflix does not have the first 2 2/3 periods of the game.

And the Concordia game will be a freebee. Here's an email from dataflix:

Thank you for subscribing to the Fighting Sioux Video Webcast Network.  If you signed up for video webcast for last weekend's Fighting Sioux hockey game against Minnesota-Duluth, you may have had difficulty receiving the game.  We experienced minor technical difficulties during the webcast of Saturday's game and are currently working to correct the problem.  As a result of last week's technical difficulties, we invite you to enjoy Fighting Sioux Video Webcast absolutely free this Saturday, October 11th as the Sioux take on Concordia of Montreal in the second exhibition game of the season.

If last Saturday's technical difficulties were minor, hope (for those that paid) that nothing major happens :)

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