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Good article on Karl

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I remember back when the Blackhawks weren't afraid to spend money and actually fielded a competetive team. Great goalies cames through Chicago, Belfour, Hasek and one of my favorites, Darren Pang.

Karl reminded me of the way Pang played in the nets. Fiesty little guy who didn't put up with anything from the opposing team. Lightning fast on his feet and with the glove.

When Pang was up for Rookie of the Year honors, he had a load of T-Shirts printed up that said,

"Pang is easier to spell than Nuendyk(sp)"

Unfortunately for Panger he didn't win and blew out his knee a few years later, which ended his playing career. I met him a few times & he is every bit as fun and entertaining in person as he is as a broadcaster.

I think Karl will definately make the NHL & show them that there is a place for the smaller player in the league.

Good luck Karl. I'll be rooting for you.

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Karl is a class act.

He was the man on the ice, everyone knows that. But he was the man off the ice too. He was all academic team. He majored in a field that is useful once his hockey career is over (marketing) and got darn near if not downright achieved a 4.0 in the major.

I think it's great that the guy can dominate the game on the ice PLUS has a great head on his shoulders.

He has all the records on the Sioux and you cannot dispute that without going into "whatifs" and "if <name> had only..." He's the man. It amazes me how little I thought about Karl when he was on the ice 1999-2000. I don't recall ever worrying about a defensive break down or a shot on Karl because I knew that he was the biggest 5'7" goaltender in the NCAA.

Go Karl Go

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Karl is my favorite athlete ever and probably one of the few people I would refer to as a hero. He is an exemplary player. He graduated as valedictorian from Apple Valley High School (Go Eagles!) and he is arguably the best goaltender to play for UND.

The first time I saw him play I was in 8th grade staying up late at night with the TV turned down so mom and dad would wake up and send me to bed. He was busy winning the State Championship for my future high school team. I was amazed then and even amazed when I watched him during the 2000-2001 season at UND. I started following minor league hockey because of Karl and I am waiting for the day he will get his chance in the NHL.

For me it's not a question of "if", but "when." I know he's good enough and when he gets his chance, he will prove once again that the smallest person can make the biggest difference.

It might be a stretch...but I think if the NHL sticks with the smaller pads smaller guys like Karl, who aren't afraid to come out of the net and challenge a shooter, will start to see more action in the next couple of years. I know it's a stretch, but maybe...

PS. If Karl happens to cruise the board thanks for the autographed jersey! Keep up the amazing work!

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Sad news regarding one of Karls teamates. Seems liek a strange off season in hockey. The russian kid form the Rangers Kills himslef, this happens, and they find the body of the former first rounder who froze while snow baordign 14 years ago. A lot of tregedy to the hockey world in a short period of time :):)


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Anyone who wants a chance to see Karl play can get tickets to the Syracuse Crunch vs. Manitoba Moose game for March 5th or 7th of 2004. It will probably be the closest game to GF the Crunch play. Tickets range from $12-33. Games are played in the Winnipeg Arena so it's only a 2hr drive from GF. Checkout http://www.moosehockey.com/tickets/index.html for more ticket info.

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