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Users can't directly upload files because it would be too difficult to monitor the space usage. We don't ever delete old posts (they're saved forever) so allowing embedded images could dramatically change the size of the archive.

If you know how to attach an image to email, you can send it to admin@siouxsports.com and I'll host it for you temporarily so you can embed it in a post.

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Don't know if this relates to the previous post, but I was wondering why people are unable to post permanent images in their signature lines. Would this take up too much space? I tried doing this on USCHO recently by using the IMG key & then copying & pasting to the sig line but it was a no go...

Haven't tried it so don't know if it works here or not, but images take time to load, especially for dialuppers, so if the image is in every post in a thread, can really bog things down opening the thread. Then some will use a huge pic, which takes even longer. Best to use images sparingly on message boards.

If you happen to be posting in a score update thread (or if the update thread has images in it), while listening to streaming audio, the image loading may use up enought of your bandwidth to cause your audio app to start rebuffering.

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