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Ian Kallay new assistant coach at MTU


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Ummm, I believe I "broke" this news in the "former players" thread. :):) But this link has a little more info in it.

Does anyone know why Ian left UND after his sophomore season? I see he went to play in the ECHL, but why? He wasn't a serious NHL prospect was he? I've always been a little curious about this.

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SORRY! I didn't read that thread first.

I seem to remember that Ian had a back injury that limited his play with the Sioux. I thought that was pretty much it for his career but then this article says he played briefly in the ECHL. I guess I'm not sure.

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Ian didn't return due to the NCAA messing with his ineligibily becasue of taking classes while playing for the Juniors in Canada. CB fought for him but to no avail so he went to play in the ECHL and took a cheap hit from behind and screwed up his back............he then came back to UND and finished up his degree in finance and graduated in 99.....

That is all i've got.

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Digging through the SiouxSports.com archives revealed this article:

July, 1997 - Kallay denied eligibility appeal

What I reported at the time was:

Kallay, 23, lost his remaining eligibility because he took enough classes in a community college while playing junior hockey in Canada prior to enrolling at UND to be considered a full-time student by NCAA rules.

Even though the college he attend [sic]did not have an athletic team, the fact that Kallay was a full-time student started the clock running on the five years an athlete has to complete college eligibility once the athlete qualifies as a full-time student.

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