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Here is a tidbit from today's Herald. This should put to rest any lingering rumors about SC one day playing college hockey.

Junior hockey: Sidney Crosby, a Nova Scotia native who played hockey last season at Shattuck-St. Mary's (Minn.) High School, was chosen No. 1 overall in Saturday's Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft by the Rimouski Oceanic and will not return to the prep school in Faribault next season. Crosby, 15, had 72 goals and 90 assists in 57 games as a sophomore at Shattuck.

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He will have to wait until 18, because I don't think the NHL has a Gretzky loophole. Gretzky I believe started in the WHA when he was 17. Gretzky was hired as an employee of the owner of the Indianapolis Racers, not by the team.

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Once you are going to play in the QMJHL there is no need to go to College. Arguably the league is the best in North America many players come into the pro-ranks from there.

Crosby will never play college hockey. He will probably be in the pros or a pro-system when he turns 18.

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