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This puts a LOT of things in perspective...


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"California High School Football Star Gunned Down in Random Gang Attack"

I sit here in my home in Parker, Colorado reading with great interest about the homestretch in college hockey, excited about UND's prospects for winning the McNaughton Cup, the Broadmoor Trophy, and a chance to skate around the Pepsi Center this April, holding up the school's 8th National Championship in men's ice hockey.

Periodically, I scan Fox News for updates on the election, news, etc. Sadly, I just came across this story (see link above) and it just makes a guy think about how precious life is and how lucky we college hockey fans are. A good kid with a promising future, gunned down for no reason. His mom, on her way back from Iraq, having to deal with the loss of her 17 year old son. A father who seemed to want his son to just make it through high school and go on to college to get his education and to play football and track.

This article really hit home for me and I felt it necessary to share it with any of you interested in reading it.


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Absolutely disgusting! This is the exact opposite of that story on ESPN about the high school basketball team that won the state championship in memory of the assistant coach who died while fighting a fire in South Carolina.

You always hate to see wasted talent....especially when that talent is stolen by someone with zero regard for life.

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