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Starting a little Project


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Well I'm starting a little project and if anyone can help me out I woudl really appreciated. What I'm looking for is photos of fronts and backs of all Sioux jerseys. I'm looking for decent quality, showing the numbers/names if applicable.

Heres the ones I am still looking for;

**NOTE** The years are just an estimated jersey era from the style changes (example: doesn't have to be exactly the 1987 jersey, just a jersey from that style era)

1954 Green Front and Back

1958 White Front and Back

1959 Green Front and Back

1961 White Front and Back

1980 White Front and Back

1987 Green Back Only

1990 Green Front and Back

Thanks if anyone can help, I know its a long shot but I figured if I could find it anywhere it woudl have to be on here.

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get a 75 years of sioux hockey book. they are on ebay time to time. they help a little. most older jerseys didnt have names on the back if thats what you are looking for? is that what you need? are you presonalizing the jerseys or something else? are these jerseys you have then as some may not know what those exact styles look like. i have the 58 game worn they wore in 2005 on my site. the 58 game worn they wore in 2003 on my site. i also have the 1959 game worn they wore in 2000 to see.

what 90's style you looking for? the NORTH DAKOTA one?

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Thanks for the 1990's

Anybody else have any pics of the other jerseys??

i have a few of the ones mentioned on my website in my game worn collection. the retro styles they wore in games over the last few years. besides that there arent many pics out there at all. trust me, ive looked

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It's just gonna be a timeline with all the different jersey styles that UND has. nothing big, just something usefull for Sioux fans (not really for the hardcore ones that know every nook and cranny about the team, but Joe Average Sioux Fan) to be able to see the different styles that the Sioux have had.

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