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I would have to put Jim Goodrich in there. That guy could hit from anywhere.

Daily Iowan

Jim Goodrich is seated, waiting patiently on a stiff black couch inside the Hawkeye Football Complex.

Fitted with soft-rimmed glasses and what appears to be his signature, worn running shoes, the director of Athletes in Action is worried. ..

Goodrich has been a valued part of Iowa athletics for the past 25 years, and many of the 200 staff members and 650 student-athletes can

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The Sioux Falls Argus Leader has compiled its lists of the top-five NCC era players at Augie, USD and SDSU. See USD as an example.

Who would be on such a list for UND? I will say (in no particular order):

Phil Jackson

Jerome Beasley

Scott Guldseth

Dave Vonesh

one of the great 1950's players--Wolfe or Haaven

There would be a ton of honorable mentions, including Behrens, Burkett, Gardner, Clausen, Harris, Jenkins, Augustine and Pederson, to name just a few.

How about Harold "Super" Bates?

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Here a few players I could think of that did well at UND

Herman Watesek (Lankin) (34, 35, 36 UND)   37-42 NBL

Chuck Wolfe (Minot) (50 - 53 UND)  Minneapolis Lakers 53

Jon Haaven (Mcintosh, MN)   (55, 56, 57 ND) 1957 drafted Minneapolis Lakers

Phil Jackson (Williston) (65, 66, & 67 UND)   NBA NY Nicks

Chris Fahrbach (Menasha, WI) (76-79 UND) 1979 drafted Milwakee Bucks

Dan Clausen (Australia) (80, 81, 82 UND)   professional career in Turkey and Australia.

Scott Guldseth (Edingburg) early 90's

Dave Vonesh (EGF, MN) (89, 90, 91 UND)

Jerome Beasley (Compton, CA)  (02, 03 UND)    2003 Miami Heat

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