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  1. Oh lighten up little fella. It’s ok. PS - Porter wanted C to come back as a graduate assistant. https://theathletic.com/286102/2018/03/24/loyola-has-a-7-foot-center-whos-really-more-of-a-mentor/
  2. Avants really guttin it out. His ankle is a mess. So important to this team.
  3. I’ve heard from several sources that the players have asked to work on free throws after practice and Jones has said, “no, no way, we are good from the free throw line”.
  4. Next topic please. Seales gonna kill it next year. Unguardable "old man" game!
  5. I will just stand by what I said. It holds up just fine. To the rest of you crazy cats - gonna miss ya. Even Darrell!! Go Hawks!!
  6. You lay sh&t down like you are "in the know". There is not one thing stated that is even close to a fact. Why would you do that? Your follow-up just exposes you as a fraud. If you are going to make weird stuff up - be good at it. "I think the Mormon culture appeals to him"? This is just bizarre unless you know he is a Mormon kid. if you are going to be full of sh*t be good at it. You need to work harder at it.
  7. Good lord. Grades were not the issue at U of M. Pitino didn't know about October deadline for transfer students. School wouldn't bend rules. Rule wouldn't apply to a kid who was going to be on scholarship. 2). Why would the Mormon culture appeal to Shanks? 2). In your opinion, just what is the Mormon culture you refer to?
  8. How many people will watch the game on TBS tonight and how many will watch the hockey game? How many people will watch the NCAA national championship basketball game vs hockey game? Tertiary. Nice little sport for some folks.
  9. Haha. Who gives a sh&t. It's a tertiary sport. No one cares. Make some moves. Get the band here!
  10. I'm here. No band. No cheerleaders. Even the Jacks have band and cheerleaders. This may seem trivial but their absence to me is unacceptable. Implies that no one thought this through or some dumb people are making some decisions. A trip to NCAA basketball tournament is a wonderful marketing opportunity to showcase your university. Now, we will be the school that has fight song being played over PA. All the bands and cheerleaders were even at respective practice/media sessions yesterday. Weak damn sauce!
  11. I second it. Shut er down.
  12. Move along. Nothing to see here. Analytics and data are not appreciated on this board. Only personal bias accepted.
  13. We have finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 10th in the Big Sky. Which one of those would be considered an outlier?
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