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  1. 3 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    I should have known he was referring to you. Didn’t realize you were a celebrity on this board.

    I’ve never once said I didn’t check discussions on this board often, not sure why it’s funny to say something that I freely admit is absolutely true.

    The guy made a ridiculous comment so I commented with a rebuttal, welcome to the internet everyone.

    Nice to see you’ve started to diversify by not only arguing over every comment about ndsu you disagree with, but also disputing the level of humor enjoyed by others.


  2. 41 minutes ago, JohnboyND7 said:

    Same.  NDSU has missed a couple field goals and has gotten gashed a bit on defense.  

    Nicholls had a guy get tossed for targeting, awful call.  

     Appears the refs are giving them just enough calls to assure another bison victory. 

  3. 19 hours ago, NoiseInsideMyHead said:

    A 16-year-old commit putting “#GoSioux” in his tweet is extremely sad and delusional. Huge red flag on character, judgment, and common sense. Flame away, but that’s my opinion.

    In a day and age when a man can choose to identify as a woman, and all of society is expected to ignore biology and social norms to foster his delusion....I think I can let it slide if a young man chooses to identify as part of a proud  hockey culture that still exists, even if it no longer “officially” exists on a jersey. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, CMSioux said:

    You really need to put su somewhere in your nickname so those who don't know can have some context to your "concerns" about our team. 

    To be fair, he does have the word “slow” in his nickname. So there is that subtle hint anyway. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Bison06 said:

    You know man, I'm not sure what your issue with me is, but I'm gonna move on from this one. 

    I come here to distract me from people like you in my real world and talk sports. Not get into personal pissing matches with someone I've never met or who doesn't know the first thing about me.

    If you want to disagree with my comments on their merit, I'm happy with that, good discussion is what I come here for. But, whatever this has become between you and me isn't fun.

    Nah.  What you actually come here for is to argue.  It’s gotten old.  

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    What is this canoe comment you keep making? Did I miss something in your long-winded rants?

     I didn’t realize a short paragraph  was too long for you.   Rather strange that you responded to that comment of mine yet couldn’t read the whole paragraph.    The water must’ve been choppy      

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  7. Just now, Midwestern Hawk said:

    Until today I just assumed it was just board’s in FCS recruiting offices .....turns out it includes FBS too.

    And probably some NFL teams as well.  We'll have to wait for confirmation of this from Bison06 once he gets a chance to respond from his canoe.  

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    You mean because he is listed last?

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but there is no way an online service would be able to accurately rank recruits at a certain position. ONLY coaches would be privy to where they have each player ranked on their board.

    Everyone knows every player who ends up at ndsu was ranked #1 at their position on all the other schools' boards. 

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    I know technology is tough for you boomers, but it is possible to set up alerts on your phone when people respond. 


    Plus, I imagine you have nothing else to do while sitting in your canoe.  

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  10. 1 minute ago, Bison06 said:

    Learn to read before you pop off like a child.

    Another poster brought up the topic.

    Wow less than 2 minutes.  How's the water?   And no, Sherlock, you were the one demanding answers to your stupid question.  

  11. 2 hours ago, Bison06 said:

    Stop bringing us into it with “juicers” comments and Juice U and I’d be happy to stay away.

    Pathetic that you have to monitor this site, and then respond and defend, anything said that might trigger your fragile psyche.  Not even half a day after our season ended you're on here demanding people answer your questions regarding when will UND beat NDSU again.  The river is freezing over; so get out of your douche canoe, come on shore, and walk yourself over to Bozoville.  

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  12. 13 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    You’d think even with a UND education you could pick up on that reference.

    You’d think even with a brain the size of an ndsu football player’s testicle you would’ve understood my post. 

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  13. 17 minutes ago, Bison06 said:

    I keep hearing this from UND fans. Vague predictions that can never be confirmed since there is no real prediction, “sooner rather than later” means nothing.

    So what’s it gonna be, when will UND beat NDSU now that they play every year?

    I like how there was no mention of ndsu in his post- just the word ‘juicers,’ and ndsu fans automatically respond. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, crb1 said:

    Well when you have the AD tweeting he can’t wait until next year to continue the success of Bubbaball, I don’t think that is going to happen. What is Chaves drinking. 

    Probably not drinking Clean Victory.  

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