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  1. Who would you say is the biggest UND rival now days? That would make for a good poll
  2. I am an admitted gopher fan on this forum. Almost never sign in but I want to for this topic. Is there any realistic possibility that the big ten would offer UND a spot in their hockey conference? i think the gophers need the Sioux on the short term (certainly much more than the Sioux need the gophers), but I do think the Sioux needs the big ten on the long term.. Adding the Sioux makes so much sense to me. I miss the rivalry, it would bring more competitiveness to the big ten (along with adding notre dame), it would bring attendance to the U of M and Wisconsin, it would bring revenue to the big ten conference and to UND.. It makes way more sense to me than adding UNO..
  3. I'll give you serratore. It's absurd to say the other three are better coaches than lucia? Explain
  4. That is interesting. It does seem to be much less often that a defenseman chooses UND over Minnesota and much more often a forward chooses UND over Minnesota.
  5. There is more to coaching than development. I don't know how is he at developing kids. I see in the last couple years they had an undrafted kid in Nate Schmidt become a full time NHLer and a seventh rounder in haula become a very good NHLer. Then they had a second rounder in budish wind up in the echl. When I called him a bad coach- I was referring to the fact that all of his teams appear to play uninspired whereas with motsko, Hastings etc I don't see that
  6. would Nate Schmidt if he hadn't? Or Erik haula? It's really a dumb argument. You can find success stories and failures at nearly every program in college hockey. As for rau- he quit playing next to bjugstad and started playing next to whoever he has been playing with the last two years. That's probably your difference That being said, lucia doesn't seem to be a great head coach. Maybe the worst of the five MN d1 schools
  7. exactly. The quote earlier off the gopher site about them needing more than just talent was actually right on
  8. I just saw that.. Nevermind then!
  9. Maybe he is the contingency plan if boeser doesn't go to UND? Doubt they have room for both next year?
  10. Wisconsin's head coach had said they would not adhere to the gentlemans agreement anymore either
  11. Evidently mittelstadt also had interest from North Dakota, Boston College, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Ohio State
  12. I believe mittelstadt was named player of the year in bantams last year. He is an example of a kid that probably could have played varsity as a freshman but interestingly enough was stuck in bantams and just tore it up Anything is possible when a nephew of Neal Broten commits to UND, but I did notice mittelstadt called kyle rau his hockey idol in a recent interview- for whatever little that might be worth
  13. Mehr mentioned MN and WI recruiting him but I think that article was from a year or two ago.. It's tough to say who has gained or lost interest in him since then
  14. Yeah I meant UND kids. I thought gersich would have made camp although I haven't seen him play. Thats just based on the fact that he was highly recruited and on the u18 team
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