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  1. Any one looking at the "big ten"? Goofers and pencil state tied at 2. Arena looks like a ghost town. The small ten really rolling in the bucks
  2. Piece of garbage ...,,,,the feed. Not what we paid for.
  3. UNO game feed is so poorly done. Announcers are lame. There should be a standard. They are representing all of NCHC .
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    Nchctv stream problems

    Yup! All 3 games. Sent in 3 complaints . This was the first and only response. Expectations are that is fixed by Friday. I don't want to dump it . It's my only way to view it here in gopher land .
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    Nchctv stream problems

    Got this in email this morning
  6. Agree, I sent in two service tickets last week for poor streaming. . Even worse tonight , intermediate freeze , choppy audio . i thought it was just me so I didn't post and bitch about it . Well I'am bitching now . Frozen now , can't even watch it. Tried everything during the week it make it right . Running Gen4 Apple TV , most resent software , Apple airport extreme most current software , rebooted everything. Crap, we scored and I missed it !
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    Friday GDT. Und vs Quinny the pooh

    Die goofers die
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    New Nickname

    T H U N D E R ( middle three letters .........UND.
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    NORTH DAKOTA @ UNO - Saturday Gameday

    Go Sioux!!!! Day boys do it!
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    NORTH DAKOTA @ UNO - Saturday Gameday

    Chyz What'a stud!!!
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    NORTH DAKOTA @ UNO - Saturday Gameday

    arm.......wrist or clavicle. It's not a minor injury
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    NORTH DAKOTA @ DU - Saturday gameday thread

    All "sheps" smell bad! .....ref bad. It's in their blood. These announcers stink to!
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    Fargo the new Detroit??

    I agree with Oxbow6 and a few others, LSS!! I live in Willmar, Mn . In our grade schools , being Caucasian , is the minority. I'am not making this up. Hormel along with the help of LSS have brought in "minorities". We no longer are free to roam our downtown, you've seen the movie Black Hawk Down .....you should visit our downtown ! Crime is way up. You should see the trailer courts ( we had a police station located in one until they bulldozed it down do to the crime rate ). Mn is generous with the freebies and our schools are dumbed down so "no child is left behind". Parents can't speak English and the children have little motivation to learn Heck , even our local hockey Organization suffers. Lack of kids. You ever see a " minority " play hockey ( Hispanic or Somalian ).
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    UND vs. St. Lawrence Saints - Saturday

    Well, I've been a lurker on this form for a long long time , never posted cause I feel my knowledge of the game is minimal at best, but Iam trying to learn the game. I have to say I've never played the game other than as a kid on a pond 40 years ago. But I have competed in other sports and am a true full blooded fan through and through and have a long family hx of UND Alum. There is something very very different about this team. Reading your posts I have to say your all right. I don't think the coaches have a handle on what type of talent they have, the game plan suffers because of it, and I don't see the team as a "team". They are not playing well together. I hate the part of being a "second" half team. I look at the other teams we played this year from the beginning , we have been outplayed as a whole ever series . This team is barely hanging on to be competitive. I know we've been sick, injuries etc. But! This team and coaches need to find themselves. I live in southern Mn. I've gotten to a couple of games this year and otherwise watch them on the tube or stream it and when they play St. Cloud I'll to see them there. Used to go to the rodent or Mav. Games but I guess that won't happen for a couple years yet.