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  1. If he continues to play like that, he will probably get an offer from Iowa
  2. do you have any idea how much they are hoping to raise and what the plans are?
  3. Why not, we think we can influence the nickname debacle...
  4. Trying (but probably failing) not to get too deep into this discussion with you: during Biblical times, men were, indeed, the head of the family and held responsible for any and everything done by members of their families. If Grimaldi is speaking in this context, his references are correct. As recently as the generation that fought in WWII, men were heads of the family and the general consensus was that men were in charge, whether you believe that today or not. Gender equity is a relatively recent phenomenon. As for evolution creating sexual reproduction, I respectfully disagree with you and
  5. too bad for Alabama Huntsville they are really going to have a tough time now
  6. With Bakersfield going to the WAC in baseball, this report was interesting: Great West is now an official NCAA D-I conference http://collegesports...cal-conference/ Troubling comment at the end of the article, though:
  7. What would your honest answer have been between the end of the 2009 season and the beginning of the 2010 season if the question was posed to you about Coach Bohl? ... 3-8 season; DUI charge; team discipline (Best Buy) and all... That said... so far, not so impressed with Coach Mussman and would like to see UND go after UMD's Coach Nielson.
  8. A letter to the editor in Tuesday's Bismarck Tribune about the scope of media coverage The letter was about the coverage of the student lawsuit but lack of coverage of the motion to dismiss by AG Stenehjem.
  9. And DU, CC, Miami, Duluth, Omaha, not to mention North Dakota would be an easier schedule? Oh, yeah, there is St Cloud now...
  10. Maybe Mollberg's commit to UND has him worried??
  11. Probably just as well. 8 teams is a nice conference size. 10 is too big. 9 would be ok with midseason OOC opportunities.
  12. Since WMU had previously stated they wanted to stay with Notre Dame, would this be a strong indication that Notre Dame is either going Independent or B1G? Not that WMU was getting a warm welcome to Hockey East.
  13. Pretty sad when the NDSU vs Minnesota thread is more active on SiouxSports than the UND football thread. Kinda explains the small attendance numbers at the games, doesn't it? UND 35 BHSC 3
  14. location, location, location. Bemidji has shown a greater committment to their hockey program, Bowling Green would improve the 'national' footprint, Bowling Green is D-I and a fellow MAC school for Miami & Western Michigan SCSU has Gino pullling strings, SCSU is close enough to the Twin Cities to have a lot of alumni in the MSP tv market, SCSU gets blind-squirrel lucky
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