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  1. Not exactly.

    He was on the ice and got a point 16 times at even strength.

    He was on the ice and gave up a goal at least 9 times at even stength.

    What we don't know is how many times UND scored at even strength while Chay was on the ice where he did not factor in the scoring (still gets a +1 for it).

    If that happened, say 10 times then it would mean he was on the ice for 10 more goals against.

    This also doesn't factor in shorthanded goals scored or allowed but I don't think that would make a big difference.

    I do agree that Chay is one of the more dynamic players and I too am glad he is our captain.

    theres a reason though that everbody on the ice gets a plus one or minus one.....without the first pass ...would the second and third have led to the goal?

  2. We can all agree that this years team has the talent to get it done. However, we have also had teams in the past under Hak that had the talent to get #8. My biggest concern at this time of year is the coaches having the team mentally prepared. I am hoping and praying that the seniors can step up and fill in the gap, and help the rest of the team keep their focus.


    what does that mean -"mentally prepared" ......im sure that they all know that if you lose you go home! other than that what can hak tell them....maybe " c'mon guys lets get fired up" ....thats for youth hockey!!

  3. Any of the other first round games going to be shown on ESPNU?

    friday: 2:00 union vs umd

    5:30 yale vs airforce

    8:00 bc vs cc

    sat 3:00 new hampshire vs miami

    5:30 east reg final

    8:00 west reg final

    sun 4:30 midwest reg final

    7:00 northeast reg final

  4. I don't really like the idea of playing them again (if the Sioux beat RPI)...but the Sioux could have just as easily cashed 3 or 4 more opportunities on Saturday and it would have changed the whole complexion of the game. I feel like we took DU's best shot and still managed to get the W.

    Leave it to the NCAA to put the top two teams from the same conference in the same bracket...(Yale/Union as well)

    i agree....if knight scores on his chance to make it 3-1...the sioux win without ot!

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  5. As I watched the game, when they showed shots of the benches and/or the crowd, boy, did I ever see a pile of Sioux jerseys in the backround!

    put it this way ....i hadnt heard a cc or aa cheer all night ....with 2:30 left in the third period i heard a sioux yeah yeah...!!!!!!

  6. According to the web-site, the Resch Center holds 10,500 fans. I thought they now had to hold many more than that to host a regional.

    yeah i went on their website too and it said for hockey it holds 8800...im guessing that the 10500 is for concerts?

  7. I would guess the games will be held at the Resch Center, which is near Lambeau, if memory serves me correctly. I've never been in the arena, but I remember walking past it on multiple occasions on the way to Packers games.

    it is the resch center...home of the green bay gamblers!!!

  8. I believe that this is correct. Wild attack the 110 end twice.

    I also suspect that the same will be true for the Frozen Four.

    This said, it seems that in years past at the Final Five I found the attack zones flipping willy nilly.

    i think the number 1 seed gets the first choice of locker rooms....in the past im sure they have taken the wilds room...with them being at home this weekend that might change things up a bit

  9. I like listening to Ciskie on the radio, and his blog is pretty interesting, but absolutely agree. Thats 100% picking with your heart. Then again, the Denver guy put Drew Shore as a first team forward. The only one to have him even close to there.

    I thought that at first too....but checking his stats 15-19-34 and his plus/minus is 29.He's not a first teamer but ive got him on my second team!

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  10. There's no way Dell should be first team with the 7th best SV% in the league Im sorry. He's at .912 while Patterson is at .926.

    where are you getting your stats at?? the wcha website has patterson at .920(3rd)....dell at .919(4th)

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