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  1. Three lower bowl tickets for tonight against the Russians section 110 row J, $65.00 total for all three tickets. text 701-610-0509 located in Grand Forks.
  2. Kelley did not engage in leadership regarding the nickname, but rather undermined the supporters and that will be his legacy.
  3. I have two tickets in section 112 for Friday night, $60 per ticket, so $120 total....(701)610-0509
  4. Everybody needs to step up and contribute on both ends of the ice. Last Sunday marked the fourth time the Fighting Sioux have been on a five minute power play without scoring, geez on Sunday they managed three shots on goal during the five minutes. Simply awful.
  5. My thought is that the NCAA place Penn State on probation for at least 10 years in all sports, this is now a criminal institution. This is not student athletes breaking rules or violating laws, it's the administration from top to bottom. If our logo and nickname creates a hostile and abusive environment, just what the hell do you call the conduct at Penn State? Show some spine NCAA...
  6. Well, now we know what "Big Ten" really stands for, what a travesty. I was reading on ESPN that this thing may get even worse, the rumor is that Sandusky was pimping the children to wealthy donors. Maybe that's why it stayed covered up for so long. I hope this is rumor. Big Ten all about the money, oh, and the sexual exploitation of young boys...My only question is "where is the response from the NCAA?" You would think that this would be considered "hostile" and "abusive"
  7. Interesting, the Gophers and Badgers raising hell about playing the "Fighting Sioux" but they will soon be associated with the Pediphile school, how nice...
  8. One certainty is this: The UND teams will be known as the Fighting Sioux for the upcoming season. A second certainty is this: The issue is far from dead. It has not completely played out, I would say the third quarter is just ending in this game. I'm an attorney and I've studied both sides, no clearcut favorite, anything can happen. NCAA doesn't want to be involved in further litigation, not with all the corruption within it's organization and it's member schools. It isn't the unbeatable entity that the nay sayers believe it is.
  9. Just got around to reading the Sports Illustrated article on the Ohio State tatto for logo/Buckeye merchandise scandal. Once again, the NCAA allowsa national championship to be negated by big time university scandal. The corruption that continues under the watchful eye of the NCAA, oh but have a sterling DI hockey team with an Indianhead logo that goes to the National tournament annually, lets spend our focus there....As for me, the NCAA does not dictate what is hostile or abusive, it does not define the iconic history of our region, and it certainly is no one's moral compass. I again rece
  10. Traditions, you mean like being thieves, or screw-ups, that Herd football program has plenty of tradition to keep you occupied, why are you here?
  11. Based on the racist remarks alone, Bison Boy should be banned from this site.
  12. How much Thundering Herd merchandise is sold nationally, as compared to the Fighting Sioux. Since the Fighting Sioux hockey logo was voted the top hockey logo in the nation, I'm assuming significantly less than the Fighting Sioux. I mean really, when does one see the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul filled with people wearing Bisonwear. The bottom line is: The Fighting Sioux copyrighted and trademarked Logo and Nickname equals $, the issue is really simple when one considers this fact. Fighting Sioux forever! When I see that the Bison logo is the top selling football logo in the land,
  13. yes, UND released all claims in the State jurisdiction, but that settlement agreement does not preclude a Federal suit, nor is it binding on any Federal court.
  14. Regardless of the manner in which the suit is activated, it needs to be in Federal Court. It should contain as many legitimate issues as can be made, lots of UND alum are attorneys. Once in Federal Court, our US congressmen can weigh in and let's all lean on the NCAA.
  15. Case should have been brought as an anti-trust suit in the first place, and intellectual property rights owned by UND and infringed upon by the NCAA. Particularly when the NCAA continues to profit from those very intellectually protected nickname and logo merchandising products. Pressure should be stepped up and applied to the NCAA while the fire is hot from all of that organizations questionable behavior, it is corrupt, and is a for profit organization, but continues to reap the rewards of a non-profit. Any university with the opportunity should file suit against the hypocritical behemot
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