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  1. Alright boys. Now let's try to be psychic and know what will and will not be a penalty this period. But keep up the good play!
  2. You are correct. But the sentiment still stands
  3. Are we certain that the ref for this game isn't Todd "I make stuff* up as I go" Anderson Modified for appropriateness on this board
  4. I think that it was an interference penalty on LaDue. But there was a missed one on Quinnipiac for the same thing.
  5. Did it look like the Denver goalie threw his helmet off to prevent the goal! I thought it looked like he had no clue where the rebound went after looking up quickly then threw his head forward to have his helmet come off.
  6. Well they did call a no goal WITH a puck in the back of the net so...
  7. Why do I feel like there is going to be some other BS penalty on the Sioux to try and keep this game even?
  8. OK I will give you that point in that there is no law in place or could be put in place with any legal standing but you are saying that there is no way that political pressure could be put onto the arenas to try and persuade them to look at bids from home state teams before UND? Those same legislators could put public and political pressure on them and always dissent in any vote that would give public funding to the arenas. There are many other ways to "force" the arenas to do what you would like them to do as well.
  9. It would be quite a bit lower than many of the Eastern regionals but would still be about 1500+ more than the last few years of almost all of the West and Midwest regionals. I think it would surprise people out East how many people would be there for those games as opposed to the current sites. The other problem with your plan is that no Minnesota Legislator with any school in their district or nearby would allow an out-of-state team to host there over their in-state school. They would possibly even push for laws to be in place to prevent it. Isn't there already rules in place that high school events have to be played in a Minnesota city, so that it can hurt teams in EGF, Moorhead and Breckenridge (among others I'm sure) that they can't host in the nicest and largest arenas "inside" their city based on the fact that it is across the river and in ND or another state? I think it would be absolutely hilarious to hear their arguments because to me they would fall on deaf ears based on the facts that over the past 5 years and including next year the regionals are at most 190 miles apart (Bridgeport to Manchester in 2008 and 2011) and as little as 100 miles apart (Providence to Manchester in 2013). While the distance would be 245 miles from Fargo to St. Paul.
  10. I had actually talked to one of my friends about this at the time of the NCAA regionals, that UND should bid to host at the Scheels Arena and put a guarantee on the attendance to be greater than the average of the last 5 years lowest attended regional. To answer the first question, no there is not enough seats in Scheels Arena as was evidenced by the 2006 regional at the Ralph that broke several regional attendance records. I would actually be willing to bet that the entire ticket allotment would be sold out within days of them going on sale in fact. But, and this is in regards to Goon's statement, this would give UND a chance to HOST a regional and guarantee to not be sent out East or the closest regional from home at 900 miles driving (or approximately 13.5 hours driving). Plus it would give a much better environment that everyone is looking for by having a huge number of passionate fans in the building. Also having at Xcel Energy Center doesn't necessarily help because there is a 0% chance that UND could host there, imagine the backlash from ALL of the Minnesota schools if it went to UND over any of them. Bemidji would have a much better chance at hosting there than UND. EDIT: Boo, you beat me to it while I was typing up my response as well! I would argue that this would include almost all coaches that are already highly likely to already be placed in "home" regionals ala BC, as many of you know have had an average travel distance of ~100 miles for the last 12 years or so. But this would be for ANY Eastern team in so far that the travel distances for many of the places that currently host regionals are only several hours driving from their school and so every year you have around a 50% chance (2 regionals in East and Northeast) that are close to your school. And also by not supporting campus sites it gives a higher guarantee that you won't be playing in front of 9k+ extremely biased fans of some school out in the West. Just as an example this year, how many of you think it would have been better to play Yale in Grand Rapids in front of the 2600 or so fans there or 12k in Grand Forks? Would UND have been able to win the game if it was in the Ralph? Good question but almost every player says that they can feel and feed off of the crowd when they play at home so who knows.
  11. It has been quite a while without a championship but I hope to God that you did NOT go to UND because I do not want to be associated with someone who has obviously failed math at a 3rd grade level. We won a championship in 1963 and the next was in 1980, which would be....... 1980 - 1963 = 17 years. Currently we are in a 13 year drought since our last championship was in 2000. Also I forgot to add that 4 of those years fall on Dean Blais.
  12. Noticing a lot of the Yale players staying on the ice a long time after getting hit looking for a penalty. Hope that doesn't bite the Sioux at some point!
  13. I was talking to a friend about this earlier and mentioned to him that the "West" regional is further East than the entire WCHA conference (who is only providing 6 of the 16 teams!). It is just ridiculous that it is a requirement that the regional sites are not allowed to be at campus sites. I don't think that teams and fans from the East get how badly the teams out here get shafted with travel and thus fan support. Could you imagine the outcry from all of them if the regional sites were like this: Northeast: Detroit East: Grand Rapids Midwest: Minneapolis West: Denver for even one year, yet this is pretty much what happens to the Western teams on a yearly basis?
  14. It is set in stone as far as what sites play on which days but the times that teams play are not finalized. So the sites will play as follows: Manchester: Friday March 29 & Saturday March 30 Grand Rapids: Friday March 29 & Saturday March 30 Providence: Saturday March 30 & Sunday March 31 Toledo: Saturday March 30 & Sunday March 31
  15. I know that there is about a .000000001% chance of what I said happening but I am pretty sure it has happened in other sports, specifically college bball and football, but it is very unlikely to happen due to the small pool of available officials.
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