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  1. ophelia

    Friday Denver tickets

    Tickets are sold.
  2. ophelia

    Friday Denver tickets

    No, asking for what I paid for them - $100 for the pair.
  3. 2 lower bowl tickets for Friday Denver game. Section 107. $100 for the pair. PM me.
  4. I have one ticket for Saturday, October 21 game. Section 105, L 5. $115 - price I paid on Ticketmaster. PM me.
  5. ophelia

    WTB Parking Pass

    Looking to buy a parking pass for the 2017-18 hockey season.
  6. Looking to buy a parking pass for hockey season. PM me please.
  7. ophelia

    Official SiouxSports.com Logo Reaction Thread and Poll

    Looks like an airline logo. Not impressed.
  8. ophelia

    What's bothering you today?

    I have mice in my house and I don't know how they are getting in.
  9. ophelia

    Lets change the goal song

    Wow, timely topic! I sent an email yesterday to several folks in athletics on the same subject - suggesting a new goal song. It's an excellent time to have a new song with a new league starting. I suggested the "light em up" song. In case you are not familiar with it, here's a link to the song: http://mp3skull.com/mp3/light_em_up.html If we want a change, we'll have to get more people to want it, because this is the response that I received from Jayson Hajdu: ------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for the email. We always appreciate feedback from our fans. Your suggestion is a good one – in fact it’s a song we used for our 2012-13 all-sports highlight video – but at this time the hockey program wishes to continue using Chelsea Dagger, followed by Stand Up and Cheer, as their goal music. Thank you again for the input.
  10. ophelia

    We need more cheers/chants!

    The students aren't leading the fans in cheering. They don't have any new cheers and they don't seem to be doing any old cheers. It's hard to get a chant going when the announcer is constantly talking or the music is blaring from the time the whistle blows to the face off. Some fans tried to get the "Let's go Sioux" cheer going, but it starts so fast it ends in three seconds. (The band was in Montana - they are usually good at getting something going.) I think our teams play better when we are cheering loudly for them. Any thoughts on ways to get new chants or cheers going?
  11. Looking to buy 6 tickets for both nights at Duluth. PM me please or call 701-739-6497. Thanks.