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  1. According to Kelly Friesen UND just landed Harrison Blaisdell
  2. In Philly for the frozen four and unfortunately seen the same result I've seen at the other frozen fours I've attended the past decade. Hell of an effort and game by the kids tonight but yet again they fell short. Feel bad for them but I'll admit I feel worse for Hakstol. Guy needs a bounce to go his way one of these years. He has yet to be rewarded for the chapter he is currently authoring in unds storied history. I'll be the first to say he's a hell of a coach, recruiter, and alumnus. Make no mistake, every ounce of his heart is into this program. Hockey in my mind is the greatest sport in the world but she is unforgiving. She can sometimes leave you unrewarded for your efforts, but that's what also leads you back to her. Reaching the pinnacle of any sport will often require you to first have the ability to swallow its bitter defeats. But that is what makes the ultimate goal taste so sweet when you get there
  3. Finally got my plane tickets this morning, 7am out of MSP thursday. Thank god, that was a close one.
  4. Just can't help but wonder if the new conferences play a role in this. North Dakota will still play a lot of games regionally, don't know if that matters or not. But either way, it's always good to irritate our friends in Minneapolis.
  5. Boston College must not realize that "M" stands for mercy! F$#& the goofs
  6. Agree to disagree I guess, but remember Ladue is listed as a 2012 or 2013 and that makes it reasonable to conclude that his status is based soley on Jones's decision.
  7. can't resist: Nelson-Knight-Kristo MacMillan-Grimaldi-Parks O'Donnell-Rowney-Rodwell St. Clair-Gleason-Koules Forbort-MacWilliam Simpson-Schmaltz Mattson-LaDue Obviously a complete guess but with the energy Gleason showed the last month at forward I can see it being very tempting to leave him there, he may not have the scoring touch but he brings a hell of a forecheck to the table. The jones thing is a mystery so I think they'll end up bringing in ladue, He'll be 20 when the season starts I believe and he is having a nice year in Lincoln. Probably be a rotation with Panzerella but it seems LaDue may have a little more to offer offensively. I think pattyn, gaarder, and senkbeil may get some love early but young talent will be hard to leave on the bench when you are trying to develop it. Also MacMillian will be available in January and Dickin has experience too, so some of these freshmen "fillers" this year will be battling for pt as sophmores. Sounds harsh but a Hak & co. have to put the best lineup out there that they can.
  8. I don't think there should be either, I've seen worse. But the league works in mysterious ways.
  9. Kinda agree with your glide theory after watching it again, but I'm not sure if there is any "glide allowance" in the rulebook. Either way it was late and it was blind. We can argue all night on the perception of the hit especially since we see it different ways due to our respective allegiances, but if I know the WCHA he could be looking more discipline depending on the severity of the injury. I'm not saying I necessarily agree with more punishment but that's just how this kinda stuff always seems to work.
  10. He skated half the length of the ice though man and never slowed down
  11. I wonder how lapanta and loser gorg would have reacted if that was a sioux hit on a gopher. Either way that was a cheap shot by a little bit**. DU won't forget it either, he better have his head on a swivel tomorrow
  12. Agreed. I think Matteau is a big risk as Brad has reported: http://undhockey.areavoices.com/?p=88314
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