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  1. wyman

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Western Michigan - Saturday

    My video feed is awful. Stops all the time.
  2. wyman

    SIOUX vs SCSU - saturday

    The Arizona team with the Bison colors is about to lose. Thanks for nothing, Fox "College" Sports.
  3. wyman

    SIOUX vs SCSU - saturday

    I thought the "C" in FCS stood for "College." High school football??
  4. wyman


    Thanks for the TPT-MN info everybody. I live in Minneapolis and both games are on Comcast channel 202.
  5. wyman


    I use a Mac also. I had that problem but instead of using Safari I switched to the Firefox browser and am able to watch the game. The video feed isn't the best, but others on this board report that problem also. Good luck!
  6. wyman


    Sioux webcast looks much better here also.
  7. wyman


    Don't bother with buying the video feed from DU's site tonight - they are using the FSSN feed and same media player service as fightingsioux.com and the video is just as choppy. That was a $8.95 gamble for me that failed.
  8. wyman


    Thanks much for the note. I have it on tonight on channel 23 here in Minneapolis. Should have checked the board last night, d'oh!
  9. wyman

    Regional TV Coverage

    This website claims to be showing the UND/Mich game live: http://www.channelsurfing.net/# Some folks over on the USCHO board are watching the Notre Dame/UAH game using it. I can't get it to work, but maybe it's not Mac-compatible.
  10. wyman

    Free webcast

    I am glad to tell any Mac users like myself that the webcast works great on a Macintosh. If you click on the link at fightingsioux.com, the game will load into your QuickTime player. You do have to hit "play" to start it though. Also, go into QuickTime preferences and under "Streaming" set it to match what your streaming speed is. (If you don't know it, check with your ISP.) I did this tonight, and my video quality improved greatly.
  11. wyman

    Sioux/GVSU Game Thread

    Lakers haul down an interception at their own five. I'll pretend it was a punt.
  12. wyman

    Sioux/GVSU Game Thread

    Still 9-3 Lakers late in the third qtr. Sioux have the ball near midfield.
  13. wyman

    Sioux/GVSU Game Thread

    Still 9-3 Lakers, four minutes or so left in third.
  14. wyman

    Sioux/GVSU Game Thread

    Crap! Sioux RB stuffed into endzone for safety. 9-3 Lakers.
  15. wyman

    Sioux/GVSU Game Thread

    Still 7-3 Lakers. 5:55 left in the third qtr. Sioux starting at their own one. We need a long drive here.