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  1. Demler kid sounds like a great signing. #2 QB in the state of Wisconsin? Someone on the staff did a great job landing this kid. Hopefully we can hang on to him until signing day. Sounds like he will have quite a few offers out there by the end, maybe even from some smaller FBS schools. Great news!
  2. My thoughts in a nut shell: - DB's, O-line and QB hold the key to this season. - Secondary looked awful. - O-line needs to mature in a hurry. - Landry needs to be more assertive and take charge as a leader. I know it's only his 3rd start, but now is when we should see strides in that department. - We cannot afford any big injuries. - Our most talented kids are very young. - Defense overall needs to be better. - Offense overall needs to be more aggressive. Whew, that's quite a list. We'll be fine. I see 6-5 right now. If this were 2011, I'd be REALLY concerned. Can't wait to be at the Alerus on Saturday to watch us beat USD!
  3. Please don't do that to us. That's not very nice.
  4. This week's game against SFA will be even more tough than last week. Offense HAS to step up and be a little more aggressive this week. I understand easing the offense into things with Jake and the o-line being so young and new. This is week 3 now. Time to open the playbook and be a little more aggressive and diverse with play calling. No doubt, we can win this one, but we will have to play better all-around. Our defense will really be challenged this week with the passing game. The secondary will see plenty of passes. Looking forward to it again this weekend.
  5. Great win for UND. I don't care how they got it. They won on the road against an established FCS team. Good job by the staff and players.
  6. Ok.....ok.....I got one........but what if we played them at HOME?........huh?.......huh?.......
  7. Yes darell, exactly. Once the name is removed, the quality of life on the North Dakota reservations will see a dramatic increase. Name calling, unemployment and alcoholism, which exist because of things such as our nickname and logo, will be amazingly just go away. Doesn't that sound nice?
  8. Myles Brand has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 67.
  9. I am still not able to view the Sioux Football highlight show on the WDAZ website. Anyone else able to? Are they going to have it on there this year? WDAZ......*sigh*
  10. Wow, reading bisonville.com reaction is hilarious right now.....Mertens cost them the game, season is over, etc. Jeez, relax. ndsu played admirably last night in a tough environment. Everyone is talking about how the game would have been different had Mertens not fumbled on the goalline. They also seem to forget that it would have been a different score had the ISU WR caught the wide open flea-flicker TD pass that he dropped. I understand expectations are high and that they expect to win every game, but I think they are already going overboard over there. They have played one game so far and not one conference game. Lots of season left. Relax. You'll be fine.
  11. No, that's my name. I'm going to stay positive on this one: TT - 54 UND - 17
  12. The coverage and effort is appreciated, but.............
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