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  1. 8 hours ago, SiouxVolley said:

    A spring FCS schedule.

    Don't imagine that would go at SDSU.

    Second time I've seen this posted somewhere, but I must be missing something. Is it just because of the Nebraska game? 

  2. 9 hours ago, SiouxVolley said:


    The almost immediately Grab Mankato and Bowling Green.

    Small chance that they substitute St Thomas for the MSP market.

    Doubt the whole premise falls into place.

    Why would BG go now when they weren't interested the last time around?

  3. 1 hour ago, sioux24/7 said:

    I was wondering if we would see this. Of note, Bubba and Danny still follow him. 

    2 RSF and 2 true freshmen is quite the young QB battle but I don't think adding him makes UND better. 

    But I also have no clue.

  4. 5 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    There are plenty of places where I can get political news, commentary and so on. I come here to get away from all that crap. People need to can the politics and focus on UND sports.

    I agree and I apologize for my example only including the deficiency of the current administration. 

    I also should have included that I don't want to see posts from Democrats saying that masks are necessary and that preventing the spread of coronavirus is reliant on everyone. 

    Who knows which one is backed by facts and which one is bull$%!#. Regardless, let's keep it out of posts in other threads. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Melvin said:

    What? Were you triggered by the Coronavirus thread? We could find you a safe space if you need it. :)  Seriously, you sound like @jack from twitter. Let's squash any subject or title that you deem offensive or objectionable. Keep in mind, there may be others that want to read it. 

    I'm in no ways triggered by a thread I haven't read in months. And I'm not saying get rid of that thread. 

    I do miss the SiouxSports where there were no politics involved in nearly every thread. 

    @Oxbow6 showed in the Nashville thread that you can make a post that is relevant to the topic while not bringing politics into. That's 100% ok.

    But we don't need constant mentions in the threads about the political side of things. 

    For example,  I can say that the likelihood of the Nashville game continues to dwindle due to significantly more concern about venues holding large audiences. 

    What I don't want to see in every thread are political comments, for example talking about how the Trump administration has severely neglected the importance of testing and tracing and that's why so many southern states are now reversing their opening strategies while the US has seen not only the highest number of positive tests but also a higher positive testing rate within those tests. 

    I also don't want to see posts comparing the US to Europe and the number of positive cases, despite the same number of tests, because that's politics and shouldn't be allowed outside of the Dumpster Fire thread. 

    If wanting to talk about sports on a site called SiouxSPORTS makes me a snowflake, I sincerely apologize to the true snowflakes that are offended by this idea. 


  6. 3 hours ago, Vegas_Sioux said:

    Not to beat a dead horse but it has to do with the how the ncaa gamed the system. The ncaa knowing stand rock was not going to approve it UND was required to get not the closest Tribe everyone else (Spirit Lake) but the two closest tribes to approve it. 

    And yet UND agreed to it in the settlement. It wasn't originally required until UND sued. 

  7. 1 hour ago, MoSiouxFan said:

    I would think that he would be immediately eligible, coming from a D2 school.  Or am I missing something?

    You are generally only eligible immediately if you drop down a division, not go up. But who knows anymore because there have been so many exceptions. 

  8. 9 hours ago, SWSiouxMN said:

    What was your favorite moment of the 2020 MLB season..........


    When they finally didn't get crushed by the Yankees in the playoffs.

  9. 31 minutes ago, 90siouxfan said:

    What is the "GA" that you are mentioning?


    The Gemini Athletics logo that's under the neck ties on his jersey. 

  10. 1 hour ago, joelax said:

    Cool. Thanks. 

    How about the year this jersey would have been from? Seems like there's a lot less on the women's jersey. Is it pretty close to what the women wore on the ice? Thanks again. 

    Looks very close to the style worn in at least 2016-17, except on this one you don't see the GA on the front.

    However, on this one from earlier in the year, it is clearly visible. It could also just have been a previous/current year photograph:

    Edit: Looks like it was first used in 2015-16 and they used old photos for their social media posts in-game:


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  11. 8 hours ago, joelax said:

    I had been waiting for one of the women's style jerseys on eBay as I really like the cursive writing. Was happy to grab this in my size for $127. 

    I'm finding it hard to find accurate past rosters, at least not with #21 Wilson on the team. Can someone let me know if this was a player or this was a custom one for a fan? 


    There is no record of a Wilson having played for UND WIH on collegehockeystats.net.

  12. 16 minutes ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    has bo said he's cutting the bus service entirely....like completely gone... or cutting it back..streamlined?

    The incredibly reliable and accurate gfhockey has been the only one to mention that bus service may be cut.

    Regardless, cutting the bus service should be seen as an attack on the poorer population in the GF area.

  13. 7 hours ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

    I don't understand why Tychonick will be eligible next season, even with the release from UND. I thought it was an NC$$ rule that when a player transfers, he sits out the next season. 

    It could be a bit of an unannounced relaxing of the rules for players who 1) had their season cut short due to Coronavirus and 2) have the blessing of their previous team.

  14. 2 hours ago, Siouxphan27 said:

    Yes, it’s true. Being a white criminal, you are more likely to be shot and killed by the police during an arrest than a black criminal during an arrest.   
    (But don’t let that statistic rain on your violent riots)

    Your interpretation of that statistic is wrong. Just because more white people than black are shot and killed by police, it does not mean it's more likely to happen. 

    The percentage of white criminals killed by police vs total white people arrested is smaller than that for blacks. Thus, the likelihood (i.e. percentage compared to total population) is actually significantly higher for black people. 

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  15. 23 hours ago, Siouxphan27 said:

    Actually, they do matter. If you use facts and logic, a lot of the time nowadays you are considered racist. 

    Being a white male is so tough in American. Combine it with being a Christian, and it's practically the most dangerous minority to be a part of!

  16. 56 minutes ago, siouxhockeyaddict said:

    Now it’s a game of “he said, she said”. 
    My thought is if they wrote/said those things then it was stupid of them to do so, but wasn’t malicious enough in nature to ruin a 19 or 20 year old’s life like some people want to do.

    So, you're saying they weren't explicitly quite racist enough when they said the n-word on a video shared by themselves on social media? 

  17. 4 minutes ago, Bison Dan said:

    How about cracker?

    If you and others are offended by the term, then yes. I understand its history and am thus not offended by it, but to each their own.

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