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  1. Blah,Blah, Blah. Husky,Husky, Husky.
  2. Yeah, we got em right where we want em - overconfident!
  3. thx, AZ. I have my computer hooked up to my bigscreen. Do you know just how "UN-HD" B2 is?
  4. Stick on Husky. Sit in bin. Oh well, I would even settle for some of that if it meant playing with a bit of HEART!
  5. Jase is just plain playing out of his arse tonight.
  6. Damn! Is that St Cloud goalie human?
  7. Amen! Maybe the coach needs to throw a tantrum and storm onto the ice.
  8. Naah, not yet. But they DO have to wake up!
  9. And now into the wind. Who is in those UND jerseys, anyway? Come on guys!
  10. Missed the goal, damn Midco!
  11. Damn, I should know, I have a daughter going to school there (and another at UM). Where did I go wrong?
  12. ST Cloud University of St Cloud. I guess I should call it UMSC??
  13. Sioux passing has just not been up to par this game. They SHOULD do better. USC is pressing, but that is nothing UND is not used to. Plus, defensively UND needs to body up in their own end. They have been playing very "loose" defensively. Luckily, BE has been up to the task!
  14. Never should have been icing, that was deflected off the USC player in the mid zone.
  15. Anybody remember the Kegs in Grand Forks?
  16. Powder Keg, yeah, right! They have obviously never attended a UND Denver (or UM) game!
  17. Both goalies have kept their teams alive in this one!
  18. Come on guys! Where is your passing game!
  19. B2 announcer just call Duncan "Drunken"!
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